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Burnout or Block?

March 20, 2023

Writing is what I do. Not a day goes by that I don’t write something. Although I’ll confess, some days the motivation is I get to play with my fountain pens.

I usually have something in mind. On the rare occasion, I know I want to advance a work-in-progress but despite having an outline, sometimes I don’t know what to write. I’ve studied writer’s block enough to know the best remedy is to write something, anything. Getting the writing muscles in motion is often enough to break the block.

(And if you run into writer’s block, check out episode 11 of “Lady Blackwing Screws Up” in which Mercedes grapples with it.)

Recently, though, I wasn’t merely blocked, I was burned out. It was as if my Muse decided to go on a cruise and left me behind. Not only had I nothing to “say,” I couldn’t imagine ever writing again.

Several factors contributed to this, not the least being my discovery of Artificial Intelligence writing (see “Good or Bad?”, a previous blog post about this). A severe cold didn’t help. And since the cold made me dizzy I took a bad fall. I collided with several pieces of furniture and bruised myself badly.

So I took a break and spent a few weeks doing anything but writing.

Well, almost. I did stay on schedule with “Lady Blackwing Screws Up” on Kindle Vella. I didn’t want my slump to impact your enjoyment.

So there’s a fresh episode of “Lady Blackwing Screws Up” for your reading pleasure on Kindle Vella. Don’t miss “A Great Plan Foiled.” And if you need to catch up, remember that the first 3 episodes are FREE.

Long story short, writer burnout isn’t uncommon. Stress and exhaustion are contributing factors. The advice is to take a short, battery-recharging break by doing something completely different.

Try a different mode of expression like a craft or cooking. Go for a walk. Get away from the usual writing space. Do some chores, especially the ones that have been neglected.

It appears my Muse is back from her cruise. As soon as we finish looking through all her photos she’ll be asking me, “So, what did you get done while I was gone?” I’ll get The Look when I reply “nothing.” Better get busy!

I’ll sign up for April’s Camp NaNoWriMo. I can work on a new Lady Blackwing drama. And maybe toast up some s’mores.

It’s good to have variety, no?

March 15, 2023

NEW on Kindle Vella this week! “A Variety of Demons,” episode 11 of “Lady Blackwing Screws Up.”

And I’ve got a question for you WordPressers. I discovered that I can send you an email newsletter to alert you that there’s a new post plus anything else that’s noteworthy. That way you don’t have to hope to stumble across a post or, heaven forbid, miss one!

If you’d like that, please comment below. I’m looking forward to making friends with your email inbox! Meanwhile, enjoy Lady Blackwing’s latest drama.

Good or Bad?

March 8, 2023

New to me is A.I.—Artificial Intelligence. Probably not new to you. You’ve been using it for ages, know all the lingo. I stumbled onto it only recently.

I’m talking about A.I. in creative fields: art and writing. That A.I. can produce amazing work isn’t the question. It’s whether or not that’s a good thing.

I confess. When I first encountered A.I. content creation, I was intrigued. Could I get a robot to write an entire novel? I could publish it under my name and earn royalties from work I didn’t do.

Then I became upset. Where did that leave me? If a robot could write potentially better, definitely faster than I, why was I necessary?

I doubted that I could stop being creative. I would need a different endeavor. I briefly considered visual art but robots can draw and paint as well as write. I felt as though I had been made redundant, superfluous.

What’s your opinion about A.I. content creation? I’d like to know so please comment. (This post was written by me, a human, but see the P.S. below. That was written by A.I.)

P.S. Robots can’t write stories in their current state, however their capability for creating stories will only increase over time.

My opinion is that robots can indeed draw, paint, and write; however, robots cannot replicate the creative writing process that observing authors bring to the table when producing stories. While robots may eventually be able to mimic the process, they still lack the ability to emulate the sense of emotion and connection which a human writer injects into a story. It is these delicate nuances which make stories truly magical.

Happy Read an Ebook Week!

March 6, 2023
Lady Blackwing by Devorah Fox

Happy Read an Ebook Week. Lady Blackwing’s origin story is FREE!

You’ll find lots of free and discounted titles on Smashwords during Read an Ebook Week.

AND “‘Fessing Up about Messing Up,” Lady Blackwing’s latest drama, is brand new on Kindle Vella.

an embarrassment of riches!


A burning question

February 20, 2023

I’ve been asking this question on Facebook and in my newsletter. I’d love to hear your response. Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer. Although it could be interesting if there’s a consensus.

Question: Why do you read fiction?

A. to learn something new

B. to have a vicarious experience

C. for entertainment

D. to escape/for distraction

And one of the delightful surprises of asking this has been the other options readers volunteered that I never even considered. So feel free to mention that in a comment as well.

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to announce that there’s a new episode of “Lady Blackwing Screws Up” on Kindle Vella. Unlock Episode 8 to read about “Rage and Retribution.”

Is the Pen Mightier Than the Sword?

February 13, 2023

Mercedes is an ordinary young woman with an extraordinary destiny. After an accident, she finds herself with newfound powers that she cannot control. Little does she know that these powers will lead her to become the superhero known as Lady Blackwing.

This week on Kindle Vella, enjoy a brand new episode of Lady Blackwing Screws Up. Is the pen mightier than the sword? You decide.


January 30, 2023
Lady Blackwing Screws Up by Devorah Fox

What has Mercedes gotten herself into? Unlock “O.M.G.”, the newest episode of Lady Blackwing Screws Up, on Kindle Vella. And read the first three episodes for FREE!

Anything but Zombies!

January 23, 2023

NEW! on Kindle Vella

Lady Blackwing Screws Up

And just launched, Episode 4, “Anything but Zombies”

About the serial: Stricken by a Kaffeteria regular’s misery, barista Mercedes uses her Lady Blackwing superpowers and dreams up a remedy. It backfires horribly and unleashes a terrifying specter. If Mercedes can’t figure out how to undo it, Antoinette will be forever doomed.


Not #1 but who’s counting?

January 18, 2023
Lady Blackwing Screws Up by Devorah Fox

I’m super duper pleased. Lady Blackwing ranked in the 2022 Critters Workshop Readers poll. Lady Blackwing Earns Her Mask came in as #12 and Lady Blackwing Gets Her Moniker as #14. No, her dramas didn’t make Number 1 or even the top ten. I’m still delighted that readers liked the stories enough to vote. Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort.

Meanwhile, there’s a new Lady Blackwing story to enjoy. Lady Blackwing Screws Up just launched on Kindle Vella. You can read the first 3 episodes for FREE!

Just Launched!

January 17, 2023


When “Lady Blackwing Earns Her Mask” concluded, I was asked, “Is there more?” I’m delighted to tell you, there is! A brand new drama!

Lady Blackwing Screws Up

Stricken by a Kaffeteria regular’s misery, barista Mercedes uses her Lady Blackwing superpowers and dreams up a remedy. It backfires horribly and unleashes a terrifying specter. If Mercedes can’t figure out how to undo it, Antoinette will be forever doomed.

Now available as a serialized story on Kindle Vella.
Read the first three episodes for FREE!