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Lady Blackwing Day!

April 3, 2023

Today is International Lady Blackwing Day. “Lady Blackwing Earns Her Mask,” a Kindle Vella story, is now available as a Kindle ebook.

And, speaking of Kindle Vella, episode #14 of “Lady Blackwing Screws Up” is new today.

Plus, my Camp NaNoWriMo project is a Lady Blackwing story. Working title: “Lady Blackwing Battles the Bloodsucker.”

If you’re just getting acquainted, Lady Blackwing is the alter ego of Mercedes, a part-time college student, part-time barista. Mercedes has superpowers she’s still trying to get her arms around.

I’ve got to chuckle. Although I wrote these stories for grown-ups, Kindle shows “Lady Blackwing Earns Her Mask” ranking as a favorite “Children’s Paranormal, Occult, and Supernatural” book. I’m not complaining. As a youngster reading way above my grade level, it was difficult to find books that were mature without being “too mature,” if you get my drift. I’m delighted to know that young ones enjoy “Lady Blackwing.” Maybe they’ll discover their own superpowers. 😉

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