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New not new

April 1, 2022

When is “new” not new? When it’s a new cover.

There wasn’t anything wrong with the original cover, which has its fans. It did hint at the setting (an office) and pictured an important feature (a yo-yo). Still, in the intervening years, I’ve learned a lot about what makes an attractive, engaging book cover, and One Bad Apple called for an update.

I did hesitate to make the change but author friends assured me that it was fine to do a refresh, as long as I let faithful readers know this isn’t a new title, simply a new cover. So if you recall reading this ebook, originally published in 2016, know that the story hasn’t changed, only the cover.

What got me thinking about it is that I’ve been working with this tale. Because while the story isn’t new, I am launching a new edition. Now, in addition to reading One Bad Apple, you will be able to have it read to you. Available now for preorder is the audio edition, which is brand new. You can find it on Google Play Books/Audiobooks and Kobo Audiobooks. One Bad Apple audiobook launches officially on May 3, 2022.

If you prefer to read, the ebook edition is available on Kindle and in epub and other formats in other bookstores, where you might still see the old cover, pictured at the right.

So, ebook or audiobook, the choice is yours!

And gosh, if I didn’t fall in love with the main character all over again. So who knows? In the future, there may be a new story too.

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