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The ‘official’ cover reveal for ‘The Red Hand’: Clues in plain sight

March 26, 2019

So excited about having a new Frank Nagler Mystery to read.

Michael Stephen Daigle

“Of course they were red, the hand prints. The color of blood, red; the color of life, dripping between the hollow cracks of the siding. Leaking, crimson, chosen carefully. I’m here, the killer said, bragging. Try to find me. – Jimmy Dawson.”


A note on the cover. A wall in the Ironton, N.J. police station is covered by the haphazard taping of crime scene photos.  Detective Frank Nagler stares at the wall daily seeking the path to the killer. How close will he get, and more important, how close will the killer get to him?

Thanks to Anita-Dugan Moore, graphic designer for Imzadi Publishing and Cyber-Bytz for another stunning cover.

This is the prequel to the other three Frank Nagler Mysteries, set 20 years before  “The Swamps of Jersey.”

“The Red Hand” is Nagler’s baptism into the world of horrific crime, and to the heartache that would haunt him…

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