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Happy new year

January 5, 2017

You’re probably well into 2017 by now and while I wasn’t quite done with 2016, I’m finally accepting the Turn of the Clock.

Detour, a Big Rig Thriller by Devorah FoxThe Zen Detective, a novel by Devorah FoxBut I can’t complain. This year is off to a great start. Both Detour and The Zen Detective have gotten five-star reviews.


I was featured on Paul Anthony’s blog.

And, I was the guest of the First Wednesday Book Club to talk about The Lost King and all things writing. What a fabulous turn-out. My wonderful hosts let me chew their ears for three hours. It’s a good thing that several club members brought cookies to keep our strength up.

Tomorrow, I get to sign copies of The Zen Detective during the Port Aransas Art Center’s First Friday reception. Later this month, I’ll be the Mystery Books Club guest as they discuss Detour, and I’ve been invited to read as part of the Port Aransas JELM Center’s annual Author Night.

I really enjoy these “public” appearances. It gives me a chance to chat with readers. As I explained to the First Wednesday Book Club members, we writers tend to work in isolation. We don’t get much feedback unless someone takes the time to post a review on amazon or Goodreads (hint hint). I learned a lot from the book club discussion.

If your book club would like to discuss one of my books, let me know and I’ll try to arrange a discount for your book club members.

What are you looking forward to this year?

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