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Mystery and mysticism

December 27, 2016

“Suspense and mystery around every corner.”

The Zen Detective, a novel by Devorah FoxThat’s how a reviewer described my latest release, The Zen Detective.

A police procedural with a twist, The Zen Detective is a mystery/mysticism mash-up.

On the road to Zen enlightenment, homicide detective Will Mansion takes a seductive detour down the path to perdition.
When a bust goes terribly wrong, Paradise City detective Will Mansion nearly dies while saving his partner. On leave, Will seeks relief from post-traumatic stress disorder through Zen meditation and abstinence. He responds to the plea of the cryptic Sister Clyde to find a man missing from her soup kitchen, a man who may provide a lead to the vicious drug dealer who nearly killed Will. The search seduces Will away from the healing he seeks and he finds himself on the smarmy Miracle Mile. Alcohol, sex, and the potent drug “Nearvana” numb Will’s pain better than his infant Zen practice. He slips further and further into an underworld of the lost and hopeless only to find himself facing death—again.

It took 20 years to bring this story to you. Its publication comes hard on the heels of my recent thriller, Detour, which I also started writing decades ago. Both books feature a protagonist who strays from his intended path, with surprising and dire consequences. Since I worked on The Zen Detective and Detour at about the same time, I have to wonder what was going on in my life.

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