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Take this “Detour”

October 19, 2016

Detour, A Big Rig Thriller by Devorah FoxNostalgic about the 1990s? Curious about big rig driving? Or just want to escape into an engaging thriller with memorable characters you’ll come to love? Then take this “Detour.”

I could tell you what it’s about and how much you’ll enjoy it, but why don’t I just share what reviewer Uma Shankari had to say:


I loved Archie. He makes for a great protagonist. His character, attitude and way of talking pulls the reader in and holds their attention.

All the characters in the story are well structured and three dimensional. The Stenowitz family made me laugh so much! Each character has a unique personality that makes them stand out and they all have problems that we can totally relate to. While I read the book I could actually see the hustle and bustle in the Stenowitz home.

Even the smaller characters like Bonnie and Cheryl give us these great moments that adds character to the setting and the story.


Yes, the book comes under the ‘Mystery’ genre but I can assure you it doesn’t stop there. The plot touches upon a variety of things. I learnt a lot about Jewish traditions and customs along with Archie as the Stenowitz family prepared for a Brit. The book shows friendship, happiness, bravery and such simple but important things through the plot. The plot also deals with Archie’s time understanding the Stenowitz family and vice versa.


The writing made me sit up and take notice. As I read the book I became more pulled in because the author makes the writing simple but beautiful. Archie’s comments on the people and his surroundings are funny, realistic and honest. The choice of words are clear and non-fussy. I smiled through many parts due to the humor infused into the writing.


– The characters
– The plot
– The writing, especially the humor
– Knowing about Jewish culture


– What’s there to not like?


Go ahead and pick up the book. It’s a fun and satisfying read that definitely lives up to the expectations.

Check out her book-lovers blog. 

And claim your copy of Detour at a prelaunch special price: 99¢

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