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Fire and Lies debuts

July 1, 2016

July 2016 Angela B. Chrysler releases her fourth book, Fire and Lies, Book #2 of the fantasy series Tales of the Drui. With more elves, more magic, less Midgard, and more war, Fire and Lies completes the journey Kallan started in Dolor and Shadow. But her trials are far from over. Events, news, and updates are always available at;

New Release 1 July 2016!

Fire and Lies (Tales of the Drui Book #2)

Fire and Lies 3D largeBlood waters the fields of Alfheim. War rips across the land of elves and usurped kings. The Fae gods draw near, and Queen Kallan’s strength is tested as she follows King Rune into Alfheim. But the Shadow Beast caged within Rune’s body writhes in hunger, and Kallan’s newest companion, Bergen the legendary Berserk, is determined to end the conflict with her life. As the witch, the king, and the berserk come together, the truth buried within the past resurfaces.

Now, Kallan must master a dormant power or watch her kingdom fall to the Fae who will stop at nothing to keep their lies.

Fire and Lies (Tales of the Drui Book #2) picks up right where Dolor and Shadow left off, concluding one chapter of Kallan’s life as the next chapter begins. Pre-order before 1 July 2016. Buttons (6)

Dolor and Shadow (Tales of the Drui Book #1)

Dolor and Shadow LargeAs the elven city burns, Princess Kallan is taken to Alfheim while a great power begins to awaken within her. Desperate to keep the child hidden, her abilities are suppressed and her memory erased. But the gods have powers as well, and it is only a matter of time before they find the child again.

When Kallan, the elven witch, Queen of Lorlenalin, fails to save her dying father, she inherits her father’s war and vows revenge on the one man she believes is responsible: Rune, King of Gunir. But nothing is as it seems, and the gods are relentless. A twist of fate puts Kallan into the protection of the man she has sworn to kill, and Rune into possession of power he does not understand.

From Alfheim, to Jotunheim, and then lost in the world of Men, these two must form an alliance to make their way home, and try to solve the lies of the past and of the Shadow that hunts them all. Buttons (5)


Broken by Angela B Chrysler 1600x2500When a young journalist, William D. Shaw, seeks out Elizabeth, an acclaimed author, in hopes to write her biography, the recluse grants him twenty-four hours to hear her story. What unfolds are events that teeter on the edge of macabre and a psychological thriller.

Together, they descend into the bowels of psyche and examine her past filled with neglect, rape, abuse, torture, and pedophilia to explore the psychology of a human being who has lived her entire life without love, comfort, family, physical contact, affection, therapy, or medication.

As William tries to understand Elizabeth’s decisions to embrace an isolated life, he witnesses Elizabeth’s multiple mental conditions that send her spiraling into the worlds of her psyche all while toggling the lines of insanity. Broken takes you inside the mind of a trauma survivor while one survivor relives the memories that resulted in her mental conditions. Experience what BPD and PTSD is like from the inside. Buttons (5)

Amor Vincit Omnia

Amor Vincit Omnia LargeThis anthology starts The Letters: a three part series told in the second person point of view. Each part is found in a separate anthology. To You (The First Letter) introduced a series of letters. Listen as I tell of our love and trials by death, none of which you remember. Buttons (5)

So what is Angela working on now?

Kallan returns with Bergen and Rune in Winter and Ash (Tales of the Drui Book #3) as they journey to Mimir’s Well for answers. But Mimir’s Well lies at the root of the World Tree. To get there, is far from easy.

For You (Second Letter) to appear 18 August 2016 in the anthology Good Things

About the Author

Angela B. Chrysler The Author of Dolor and ShadowAngela B. Chrysler is a writer, logician, philosopher, and die-hard nerd who studies theology, historical linguistics, music composition, and medieval European history in New York with a dry sense of humor and an unusual sense of sarcasm. She lives in a garden with her family and cats.

While writing, Ms. Chrysler fuzzies her cats and survives on coffee, Guinness, and the writings of Edgar Allan Poe who strongly influences her style to this day. When she is not writing, she enables her addictions to all things nerdy, and reads everything she can get her hands on no matter the genre. Occasionally, she finds time to garden, mother her three children, and debate with her life-long friend who she eventually married.

Connect with Angela

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