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#MarchMadness and April Frenzy

April 6, 2016

What happened to March?

Here’s the chat I had last month with Michelle Cornwell-Jordan and Denice Garrou, hosts of Between the Lines.

Here it is April already and this month is going to fly by with everything I’m up to.

I’ve been asked to do another interview. I’ll chat live with Kori Miller on her Back Porch Writer Show, Saturday, April 9 starting at 9 A.M. Central Time. You can listen, even log in to ask questions or make comments. Here’s the link:

Brain to Books Cyber ConventionThis chat one event for the Brains to Books Cyber Convention. B2BCYCON will be like any trade show, festival, or convention you’ve ever attended except it’s all virtual, taking place on Goodreads and Facebook and my blog as well as the blogs of other authors and readers.

And if you’re missing all the #MarchMadness excitement, here’s another bracket challenge for you: your favorite hero, King Bewilliam, is competing in a Character Tournament. Our king is pitted against the character penned by the author running the tournament. Should our hero be gracious and let the host win or should he go for the gold? Voting starts April 8 and it’s one vote per person per round.

Over 600 bibliophiles will attend the Goodreads side of B2BCYCON with an additional 165+ on Facebook so you can see this is a really big production. Come visit with me, but take some time to wander the fairgrounds. Meet other authors whose work you might enjoy, collect prizes and freebies, take in the Lipsync contest, and other entertainment. The organizers and authors have put a lot of work into this. I’d love to hear if you participate in any of this and if so, what you think of it.

There’s a lot more April excitement to share with you but that’s enough for now. Do plan to take in some of B2BCYCON. The energy will be high and I believe you will be astounded at how much there is to enjoy from the comfort of your favorite chair. See you at B2BCYCON!

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