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Cover wars

March 22, 2016

The month of March is fraught with contests. It’s in like a lion …

Basketball has its March Madness. PEEPS joust in the microwave.

But make way for Cover Wars beginning today, March 22, hosted by The first round runs until March 29. The ten book covers that receive the most votes move to Round Two from March 31 to April 7. The two finalists go on to duke it out with the winner being announced on April 14.

The Redoubt by Devorah FoxCheck out all these fabulous fantasy book covers and be sure to scroll down. The Redoubt is #81. Vote only once from any particular IP address. (If you have one than one device you can vote once from each different device.)

The Redoubt is also in a cover contest for the online Brains to Books Cyber Convention which runs from April 8-10 on Facebook and Goodreads. I hope you’ll visit my “booth” there but meanwhile you can vote for The Redoubt in the Cover Wars. There are several matches; The Redoubt is in Match #4.

I’m just so pleased that The Redoubt is in the ring with all these wonderful book covers but winning would be nice too. So vote for The Redoubt!

King Bewilliam thanks you for your support and so do I.

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