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October 30, 2015
The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam epic fantasy series by Devorah Fox

FantasyConHark and take heed! A time of fantasy and wonder is upon the virtual land!

In the past few weeks I’ve been immersed in an interesting new phenomenon. A group called Flavor of Fantasy along with a bunch of authors, publishers, bloggers and artists is putting together a gigantic online fantasy and sci fi event from Nov. 1 to Nov. 8 for everyone who loves these genres.

It’s aimed at creating fantastic fun, as well as helping people find new fantasy and sci fi to read and letting readers meet real authors and ask live questions. There will be games like a daily scavenger hunt where you have to find clues in fantasy books and a costume contest. There will apparently be A TON of prizes of Amazon gift certificates, books and ebooks. They have planned chats with all kinds of different authors and some videos of panel discussions on a bunch of really intriguing topics, like the one I’ll be on, “The Hero’s Journey.”

It’s the kind of thing that a real fantasy nerd could waste way too much time on for a week in November. It might just suck us all in and make us lose track of reality for awhile. But that can be a good thing in a month like November. And even if you just want to poke around at parts of it, you can find some great reading and have a fantasy experience.

Anyway, I’ll be there because I got roped into being one of the authors to present books. So, I hope to see you there:

The online event is divided up into subgenres, so there is a different place to go each day. You can choose your favorites or migrate from one to another based on the day:

Nov. 1 is Sci-Fi Sunday –
Nov. 2 is Paranormal Monday –
Nov. 3 is Dark Tuesday –
Nov. 4 is Epic Wednesday –
Nov. 5 is Fairytale Thursday –
Nov. 6 is Urban Friday –
Nov. 7 is Steampunk Saturday –
Nov. 8 is YA Fantasy Sunday –

I’ll be hosting a booth (a dedicated Facebook page) on Epic Wednesday. Please drop by, give it a LIKE, make a comment, post a photo. enter the giveaway, play the Scavenger Hunt. Here’s a preview of the fun we plan to have.

May the imagination run wild.


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