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October 15, 2015

You all know that I work in a home office, right? That I spend all day, nearly every day in that office? Perhaps you’ve wondered what that’s like.

Click here for a funny story  about working in a home office as pictured in stock photography.

I will say that the settings in these photos are much cleaner and brighter than my office. I tend to keep the lighting dim. The brightest light is my monitor. ToDo lists and reminder notes hang on every wall  and stacks of paper with various works in progress cover every horizontal surface so the place looks a bit like the aftermath of a tornado.

I will admit to taking a power nap most days. I have screamed at the computer and I have also WOWed and congratulated myself on a job well done. The one photo that’s missing from this collection is the one that pictures me chair-dancing when a favorite tune comes on Pandora.

So, does that answer all your questions about working in a home office?

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