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Go where you’ve never gone before

September 18, 2015

Virtual FantasyConHave you ever thought it might be fun to attend a #SciFi or #Fantasy convention? Delight in people running around dressed as dragons or faeries, or StormTroopers? But it seemed kind of frivolous to go to one?

Well, don’t “go” anywhere but do plan to attend the Virtual FantasyCon, the first week in November. It’s virtual and online and you won’t have to “go” anywhere, except in your imagination.

This convention is coming together now and it’s going to be amazing. Many of your favorite scifi/fantasy authors (like ME!) will be hosting booths and serving on panels, and you’re sure to discover new favorites too.

There will be plenty of costumes as well. A cosplay booth will open on the morning of each event day and all entries will be placed in the comment section under the booth, in the form of a selfie image or a short video. The idea is for guests and any authors who wish to get involved to dress up in costume representing the sub-genre of the day. Each entry will to go into the running for a daily prize. At the end of the 8-day event there will be an overall prize for the best Cosplay costume.

So, clear your calendar, get your costume out of storage, and plan to attend. Keep watching this space for details as they develop.

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