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Meet Logan 6

May 25, 2015

Get acquainted with Logan 6 who appears in the eponymous short story in the Masters of Time Sci-Fi/Fantasy Time Travel anthology. Not only is he an intriguing guy, but he also makes you question certain things and serves as a warning about over-reaching our bounds–if there is such a thing. Listen in as we learn a little bit more about Logan 6.

Logan, tell us a little bit about yourself, and why your last name is a number?

I’m a clone, genetically enhanced to withstand the strain of time travel. Many other clones would see me as privileged, because generally you’d see my kind marching off to war on behalf of human governments, or working dangerous and strenuous jobs. I don’t have to do that–I just have to travel through time. But even then, that task has its own risks.

I don’t have parents to speak of, because I was not born like a normal person, but there are one or two people who I admire. The number six is attached to my name because I am the sixth Logan.

And where are the other five?

[Hesitates] It’s…like a family secret. It’s obvious there are (or were) other Logans, but I’ve never met them. No one at the laboratory I live at really talk about them.

And you never walked up to the scientists and asked, “Hey, I noticed that I’m #6, what’s up with that?”

I do think about it, but, I’m also modified to be fiercely loyal and obedient. So, questioning my makers feels like betrayal. I’m sure there are good reasons why I’m the only Logan around.

So they make you travel through time. What’s your mission?

I don’t want to say. Not just yet. But we are trying to save people. We are trying to help.

Do you like being a clone?

I never thought about whether or not I liked it. I wake up, report to the lab, and do my job. That’s my life. Does a soldier like his job?

But what do you do when you’re not doing your job?

[leans in and whispers] I watch movies.

What kind of…movies?

About people. People who laugh and cry, who sacrifice themselves and who search for answers. Don’t tell anyone at the laboratory about that. They don’t know I do that.

Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. Thanks for stopping by, Logan. It was fun chatting with you.

Masters of TimeMy pleasure. And if you want to find answers to your earlier questions, you’re going to have to pick up a copy of Masters of Time.

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