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King Bewilliam is FREE!

September 6, 2014

You, dear readers, probably don’t know how much we authors are pressured to give away our books.

It’s supposed to get our name out there, we’re told. A giveaway will get the readers “in the door,” so to speak. Once they’ve read the book that they got for free, they will enthralled with our work, happily grab up anything else we’ve written and wait with baited breath for our next release.

OK, let’s see if that works.  Today, The King’s Redress, Book 3 in The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam, is FREE on the world’s largest Internet company,

My research tells me to expect tens of thousands of downloads which will skyrocket the rankings into the stratosphere. Great rankings then are supposed to entice other readers to check out what is clearly a popular book.

Are you tempted? Then grab it for free while you can.

Already a fan of King Bewilliam and don’t know why everyone isn’t reading about bewildering adventures? Then pass the word. King Bewilliam is FREE on amazon. I’m giving away The King‘s Redress Kindle edition. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Historical Fantasy Book SaleIt’s all part of our our fabulous FANTASY BOOK SALE which includes bargain pricing on The Gray Tower trilogy by Alesha Escobar, a chance to win a Kindle Fire and yet another raffle for free books and other prizes.

Plus we’re partying on Facebook. You never know what prizes and surprises we’ll come up with. Half the time we don’t know either until we do it. So don’t miss a minute.

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