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SandFest 2011

April 29, 2011

SandFest 2011You’re probably wondering where is my report on this year’s SandFest in Port Aransas. Oh, I went all right… and now that I’ve finally got the grit out of my eyes, I can write about it.  It was my fault, really. Saturday (April 16) I got it into my head to walk to the festival. Little did I know that I was walking into a 29 mph wind. I got about a mile down the beach and my eyes swelled up so badly I couldn’t see. I ended up having to walk home with my eyes closed, and spent the rest of the day lying on the couch with a wet cloth over my eyes.

SandFest 2011 SculptorsCastle Sand SculptureBy Sunday, I was able to see again. I did the smart thing and took the shuttle bus. I got to the festival right as it opened. Sculptors were still busily trying to finish in time for the judging deadline. The sculptures were stunning, of course. Some were what I call “statement” sculptures — they had a message.

Lesson Mountain 2011I  preferred the more traditional “sandcastle” type. My favorite was the one that Chip “DC Sandman” Cooper and Captain Steve Zarych were building at Lesson Mountain. No mere castle, this was a sand kingdom, with guardposts, outbuildings, landscaping and a working mine. I expected that any minute I’d see little sandpeople scurrying around taking care of “Jus Dudnt Manor” business.

SandFest 2011 crowdBy the time I was ready to leave, the festival was packed. The wind apparently had not daunted the sculptors, the spectators or the souvenir vendors. Word is we did have over 100,000 visitors.

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  1. April 29, 2011 5:32 pm

    very nice, very nice, Dee….!


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